Performance TitleGrand Patriotic Concert - Music in Wartime, in aid of the Professional War Relief Council and Recruiting Bands
Performance Date24 April 1915
Performance DaySaturday
Performance Time15:00
Main PerformersRuth Vincent,
Lily Elsie,
Kirkby Lunn,
Ben Davies,
Millicent Russell
Tita Brand Cammaerts - vocals,
H L Balfour - organ,
F A Sewell - pianoforte
Orchestra or BandMassed Recruiting Bands,
Coldstream Guards' Band,
Fifes and Drums 3rd and 4th Battalion of Grenadier Guards,
Fifes and Drums 3rd Battalion of Scots Guards,
Pipers 3rd Battalion Scots Guard
ChoirsThe Royal Choral Society
ConductorsHubert Parry,
Frederick Bridge,
Edward Elgar,
J Mackenzie-Rogan (Coldstream Guards' Band)
Set List'God Save the King' (The National Anthem),
'March of the Mogul Emperors' from the Suite The Crown of India, E Elgar (Combined Bands, J Mackenzie-Rogan)
Choral Song: 'The Song of the Grey Seas', P E Fletcher (Percy E Fletcher),
Song and Chorus: 'Michael O'Leary', F Bridge (Ben Davies, Frederick Bridge),
Humoresque on the Soldiers' Song: 'Tipperary', S Douglas (Band of The Coldstream Guards),
'Il Bacio', Arditi (Ruth Vincent),
Chorus: 'But When Our Country's Cause Provokes To Arms' (Ode on St Cecilia's Day), Hubert Parry (Hubert Parry),
Carillon: 'Chantons, Belges, Chantons', E Elgar (Tita Brand Cammaerts, Edward Elgar),
A Nautical Overture: 'Britannia', Sir A Mackenzie
Song and Chorus: 'Your King and Country Want You', P A Rubens (Lily Elsie),
Chorus: 'Viking Song', Coleridge-Taylor,
'Land of Hope and Glory', E Elgar (Kirkby Lunn, Edward Elgar),
'British Army Quadrilles', Jullien (Millicent Russell, All Orchestras, Bands),
Entry of the bands representing the English, Irish and Welsh and Highland Brigades, Indian and Colonila troops
Royal PresenceHM King George V,
HM Queen Mary,
HRH Princess Mary,
HM Queen Alexandra,
HRH Princess ,
HRH Prince Henry,
HRH Prince George
Performance Notes"The King and Queen, Princess Mary, Queen Alexandra and Princess Victoria, with many ladies of the court, attended a patriotic concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday afternoon in aid of the funds of the Professional Classes War Relief Council and the Lord Mayor's recruiting bands. The huge building was packed, and thousands of people assembled outside to await the arrival of the Royal Party, being entertained for a full hour by one of the pipers' bands which the lord mayor has raised, headed by Pipe Major Lingford and a brass band of the same special unit. At the entrance of the Royal box their Majesties were met by the Lady Mayoress, the Duchess of Marlborough, Lady St Cyres, the Hon Mrs Newman Grosvanor and Mrs Ian Malcolm"
(The Times, 26 April 1915)

The verses by Mr J McGrath on Michael O'Leary, V.C., which appeared in The Observer a few weeks ago, have been set to an old Irish tune by Sir Frederick Bridge; and they will be sung by Mr Ben Davies at the Albert Hall concert on April 24 in aid of the Recruting Bands and Professional Classes Funds."
(The Observer, 18 April 1915)

"The Queen was presented with a bouquet of pink carnations and lilies of the valley by Miss Alice Buchan, granddaughter of Mrs Norman Grosvenor, and Princess Mary with a box of chcocolates by Master Ian Malcolm."
(The Observer, 25 April 1915)

In attendance were the Hon. Charlotte Knollys, the Hon. Ivy Gordon Lennox and the Hon. John Ward.
Related Archival MaterialProgramme (RAHE/1/1915/17),
Handbills (RAHE/6/1915/7-8),
Digital Poster (IWM)
RAHE/1/1915/17Grand Patriotic Concert24 April 1915
RAHE/6/1915/8Grand Patriotic Concert24 April 1915
RAHE/6/1915/7Preliminary Announcement - Grand Patriotic Concert24 April 1915
Ref NoTitleNo of Performances
IebunairercsulGrand Patriotic Concert - Music in Wartime, in aid of the Professional War Relief Council and Recruiting Bands1
CodeName of Performer(s)
DS/UK/1883Vincent; Ruth (1877-1955); Welsh opera singer, actress
DS/UK/49Royal Choral Society (RCS); 1872-; English choir
DS/UK/5114Elsie; Lily (1886-1962); English actress, singer
DS/UK/1655Lunn; Louise Kirkby (1873-1930); English contralto
DS/UK/1616Davies; Ben (1858-1943); Welsh tenor
DS/UK/2630Cammaerts; Tita Brand- (fl 1903-1923); Belgian actress, singer
DS/UK/58Elgar; Sir; Edward (2 June 1857-23 February 1934); 1st Baronet, OM, GCVO; English composer and conductor
DS/UK/4298Parry; Sir; Charles Hubert Hastings (1848-1918); 1st Baronet; English composer, teacher, historian of music
DS/UK/4212MacKenzie-Rogan; John (1855-1931); British Senior Bandmaster of the Coldstream Guards
DS/UK/2429British Army; The Band of the Coldstream Guards; 1785-; British army band
DS/UK/1613Bridge; Sir; Frederick (5 December 1844-18 March 1924); CVO; English organist, composer, teacher, writer
DS/UK/5085Fletcher; Percy Eastman (1879-1932); British composer
DS/UK/2392British Army; The Band of HM Scots Guards; 1642-; British Army division
DS/UK/1870Band of the HM Grenadier Guards (1685)
DS/UK/1856Russell; Millicent (fl 1915-1928); English soprano
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