Performance TitleThe Happy New Year Ball, in aid of The Middlesex Hospital
Performance Date31 December 1926-1 January 1927
Performance DayFriday
Performance Time21:00
Main PerformersPaul England,
Piccadilly Revels,
Austel and Arthur - performers
Orchestra or BandPipers of the London Scottish Regiment,
Jack Hylton's Band,
London Middlesex Hospital Student Rag Band
ConductorsJack Hylton
Set ListDancing,
24:00 Broadcast of Big Ben,
Reels (Pipers of the London Scottish),
Scandinavian Sledge Party,
Brides from all nations and all centuries

'I'm Lonely Without You',
'Silver Rose',
'Am I Wasting My Time?',
'Let's All Go To Mary's House',
'No Foolin',
'Love Me',
'That Certain Feeling',
'Lady, Be Good',
'I'd Rather Charleston',
'The More We Are Together',
'That Certain Party',
'I'm A Little Blackbird Looking For A Blue Bird',
'When It's Twilight On Missouri',
'Me Too',
'Babying You',
'Cross Your Heart',
'In My Gondola',
'When It's June Down There',
'Memories Of You',
'Two Little Bluebirds',
'Lonesome And Sorry',
'Let's Talk About My Sweetie',
'After I Say I'm Sorry',
'While The Sahara Sleeps',
'Smilin' Joe',
'In My Gondola',
'Couldn't You Care',
'Ukulele Dream Girl',
'Waiting For The Moon',
'D'You Love Me?',
'Could I?',
'I Never Knew',
'When Do We Dance',
'Sweet And Low Down',
'Charleston Baby Of Mine',
'I'm In Love With You,My Love',
'Looking For A Boy',
'I'm Lonely Without You',
'Brown Eyes In Your Dreams',
'Sunny Swanee',
'Out In The New-Mown Hay',
'I've Never Seen A Straight Banana',
'My Cutie's Due At Two',
'Hush-Hush Charleston',
'Auld Lang Syne'
'God Save the King' (The National Anthem)
Royal PresenceHRH Prince Arthur of Connaught,
HRH Princess Arthur of Connaught
Performance NotesIn attendance were Lord and Lady Louis Mountbatten.

2LO, the second radio station to regularly broadcast in the United Kingdom broadcast the singing of 'God Save the King' from the Hall, which was sung after the stroke of midnight and continued to broadcast until 02:00.

The students taking part in the London Middlesex Hospital Student Rag Band and attending the ball made the paper (Daily Telegraph, 31 December 1926) for wearing white medical coats whilst travelling to the Hall from the Hospital in 19 hansom cabs. Many of them were playing saxophones and trombones, some on top of the cabs and in come cases were driving and playing at the same time!
Related Archival MaterialProgramme (RAHE/1/1926/96)
RAHE/1/1926/96'The Happy New Year' Ball, in aid of the Middlesex Hospital31 December 1926
Ref NoTitleNo of Performances
IobahaidevipookThe Happy New Year Ball, in aid of The Middlesex Hospital1
CodeName of Performer(s)
DS/UK/3458The Piccadilly Hotel; Piccadilly Revels Band; fl 1920s; English jazz band
DS/UK/2716London Scottish Regiment; Pipers and Drummers of the London Scottish; 1860-; British volunteer pipe band
DS/UK/3224Hylton; Jack (1892-1965); English band leader, impresario
DS/UK/3502Austel and Arthur (fl.1920s)
DS/UK/3503England; Paul (1893-1968); English actor, performer
DS/UK/3225The Jack Hylton Band; 1923-1940; British band
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