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TitleJimi Hendrix Experience, The Move, The Pink Floyd, The Amen Corner and The Nice
Performance Date14 November 1967
Performance DayTuesday
Performance HostPete Drummond
Orchestra or BandJimi Hendrix Experience (Jimi Hendrix - guitar, Noel Redding - bass guitar, Mitch Mitchell - drums)

The Move (Carl Wayne - vocal, Roy Wood, Trevor Burton - guitars, vocals, Chris 'Ace' Kefford - bass, vocal, Bev Bevan - drums, vocal)

Amen Corner (Andy Fairweather Low - vocals, Dennis Bryon - drums, Clive Taylor - bass, Alan Jones - baritone sax, Blue Weaver - hammond organ, Mike Smith - tenor sax, Neil Jones - guitar)

Pink Floyd (Rick Wright - organ, Roger Waters - bass guitar, Nick Mason - drums, Syd Barrett - lead guitar)

The Nice (Keith Emerson - organ, Blinkie Davison - drums, Lee Jackson - bass guitar, vocals, David O'List - lead guitar, vocals)

The Eire Apparent (Davy Lutton - drums, George O'Hara - lead vocal, guitar, Henry McCullough - guitar, Chris Stewart - bass guitar, Ernie Graham - rhythm guitar, vocal)

Outer Limits (Stan Drogie - drums, Gerry Layton - guitar, Gerry Smith - bass guitar, Jeff Christie - guitar, vocal)
Set ListAmen Corner:
'Let The Good Times Roll',
'The World of Broken Hearts',
'Gin House Blues'

Pink Floyd:
'Astronomy Domine',
'Pow R Toc H',
Unknown Song

The Move:
'So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star', The Byrds,
'Flowers in the Rain',
'The Price of Love', The Everly Brothers,
'Morning Dew', B Dobson,
'Stop and Get a Hold of Myself', G Knight and The Pips,
'I Can Hear the Grass Grow'

The Jimi Hendrix Experience:
'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', The Beatles,
'Hey Joe', The Leaves,
'Foxy Lady',
'Burning of the Midnight Lamp',
'Spanish Castle Magic',
'The Wind Cries Mary',
'Purple Haze',
'Wild Thing', C Taylor
Let TypeOrdinary Let
Performance Notes"Hail Jimi Hendrix, the personality, the contortionist, the wise-cracker, the exhibitionist. Hail Noel Redding, and Mitch Mitchell, his traumatic Experience. How they were needed to close the package which opened up at London's Albert Hall... The bill seemed as if it would never get off the ground. Thank goodness for Hendrix the untamed and the unchained swinging down from the trees through Knightsbridge and Kensington to set the masses on fire in an ectoplasm of sound.... Most of all it was Hendrix the showman, the king-size personality. And that was just what the rest of the group tour of first-timers lacked - personality.... A worthwile tour for Hendrix fans but lets hope the rest improve a little as it progresses."
(Nick Logan, New Musical Express, 18 November 1967)

"The Hendrix-Move tour thundered off on its trip round Britain with a deafening start...The Floyd gave one of their colourful and deafening displays of musical pyrotechnics, and indeed all the groups were painfully loud...The Eire Apparent practically damaged my hearing system for life; the Nice, my favourite group, blew their cool; the Amen Corner raved like a show band, and the Move thundered along in a shower of 'Flowers in the rain'. Jimi was great, and deserved the ovation, but really Mitch and Noel shouldn't make announcements. Sorry lads, but Jimi sounds better with the chat."
(Chris Welsh, Melody Maker, 25 November 1967)

David Gilmour was in the audience.
Related Archival MaterialProgramme (RAHE/1/1967/172A),
Digital Photograph

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Ref NoTitleNumber of PerformancesEvent PromoterSponsor
Ivascl_H_RokJimi Hendrix Experience, The Move, Pink Floyd and Amen Corner1Harold Davison Ltd; Tito Burns