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TitleThe Jimi Hendrix Experience
Performance Date24 February 1969
Performance DayMonday
Performance Time19:30
Orchestra or BandThe Jimi Hendrix Experience (Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding - bass guitar, Mitch Mitchell - drums)

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Set ListThe Jimi Hendrix Experience:
'Lover Man',
'Stone Free',
'Hear My Train a Comin'',
'I Don't Live Today',
'Red House',
'Foxy Lady',
'Sunshine of Your Love', Cream,
'Bleeding Heart', Elmore James,
'Little Wing',
'Voodoo Child', Slight Return,
'Room Full of Mirrors' (Jimi Hendrix song),
'Purple Haze',
'Wild Thing', The Wild Ones,
'The Star-Spangled Banner', John Stafford Smith
Performance NotesThe event was officially recorded and filmed.
The event over-ran and finsihed at 22:45 for which the promoter was charged £120.

"At the end [of the show] he [Jimi] said that he was sorry but he had to go and thanked everyone for coming once again and left the stage. The crowd then went absolutely be[r]serk and shouted for more for about 4-5 minutes. Some people started to leave as it didn't look as though they were coming back, but they did and then they went absolutely... ­ well, there is no word for it! People were dancing in the aisles, Jimi went mad with the atmosphere and they did 'Purple Haze' and 'Wild Thing.' He played with his teeth and then on the floor....
"Then he started charging his amplifier with his [1967 sunburst Fender Stratocaster] guitar like a Spanish bull fighter ­ poor old Jerry [sic; it was Eric Barrett and John Downing instead], our roadie, was hanging on to the amps for dear life (he was the bull methinks). Finally when it was smashed he threw it out to the audience and settled a feud between two boys fighting over his plect[r]um in the audience. Mitch threw his drumsticks to the audience too and just about managed to get off the stage before it was besieged [sic] by fans, police, bouncers, floor managers and practically the entire audience! A great night was had by all!!!"
(Jane Simmons from "The Official Jimi Hendrix Fan Club Of Great Britain" Newsletter, April/May 1969).
Related Archival MaterialProgramme (RAHE/1/1969/20),
Photograph (RAHE/3/1969/3)

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