NameCosta; Sir; Michael (14 February 1808-29 April 1884); Italian conductor and composer
Variations of NameMichael Andrew Angus Costa; Michele Andrea Agniello Costa
Dates14 February 1808-29 April 1884
Place of Birth/OriginNaples, Italy (born)
BiographySir Michael Costa was an Italian-born conductor and composer who achieved success in England.

In 1830 he arrived in London, working at His Majesty's Theatre. Costa exerted real influence for change as a conductor at Her Majesty's and, later, at Covent Garden theatre, to which he seceded in 1847 after disagreements with the manager of Her Majesty's, Benjamin Lumley. His concern for discipline, accuracy, and ensemble was a novelty in its time and earned him the admiration both of Meyerbeer and Verdi. Despite this, he could not be claimed as a purist: his re-scoring of Handel's Messiah includes a part for cymbals.

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