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TitleMoiseyev Dance Company
Event Date22 September-10 October 1964
Event LocationMain Auditorium
Number of Performances20
Event PromoterVictor Hochhauser Ltd
Event GenreDance
Event MusicFolk/National
Event DanceFolk/National
Ref NoTitlePerformance Date
Ubeaxel_KezirMoiseyev Dance Company24 September 1964
Oikafymaih_MierMoiseyev Dance Company23 September 1964
_Vagaifoid_MierMoiseyev Dance Company22 September 1964
YboosowmikezirMoiseyev Dance Company25 September 1964
Aikokaihoh_MierMoiseyev Dance Company26 September 1964
Eabazyviev_MierMoiseyev Dance Company26 September 1964
Otaloom_L_MierMoiseyev Dance Company27 September 1964
Aizovaizoik_MierMoiseyev Dance Company29 September 1964
Earadupead_MierMoiseyev Dance Company30 September 1964
Oiponowfef_MierMoiseyev Dance Company1 October 1964
Aivakiedor_MierMoiseyev Dance Company2 October 1964
Iolakeanood_MierMoiseyev Dance Company3 October 1964
Iofanalyp_MierMoiseyev Dance Company3 October 1964
Iezonoodib_MierMoiseyev Dance Company4 October 1964
Ylokeamyk_MierMoiseyev Dance Company6 October 1964
Ohateadoox_MierMoiseyev Dance Company7 October 1964
Yvobagaf_MierMoiseyev Dance Company8 October 1964
Onafuxiv_MierMoiseyev Dance Company9 October 1964
Oivaxiomowd_MierMoiseyev Dance Company10 October 1964
Ookov_Gyp_MierMoiseyev Dance Company10 October 1964