Our Catalogue

Here you can search our Archive Catalogue for items held in our collections. We have items ranging from concert programmes and posters to building models and artworks.

A quick overview of our archive collections:

  • Royal Albert Hall Events (RAHE) Archives of events and performers from 1871-present.
  • Royal Albert Hall (RAH) Corporate and building-related archives from 1860s-present.
  • Queen's Hall (QH) Archives of the former home of the Proms & of Sir Henry Wood.
  • Victoria & Albert (VA) Archives & objects relating to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
  • Exhibitions (EX) Archives from the 1851 Great Exhibition and 1862 International Exhibition.
  • Charles Graham-Dixon (CGD) 17th Century Dutch paintings.

Our Performers

Here you can search our performer database to find out more about the stars who have taken to our stage from 1871 to the present day.

Our Event History

Here you can search our performance database to discover our diverse event history. Explore every known event in all the performance spaces at the Royal Albert Hall since opening in 1871.


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  • What happened on a particular day, month, year or decade
  • Whether you or your ancestors took to our stage
  • How many times a song or work has been performed

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